• Consistent Quality
  • Minimizes Cracks
  • User Friendly
  • Water Resistant
  • Enhanced Workability
  • Cost Effective
  • Optimum Bond Strength
  • Cleaner Worksite


CMI TILEGRIP 185 is a high quality polymer modified water-resistant cement-based adhesive for use in fixing of ceramic wall and floor tiles. It is suitable for interior and exterior use in thin or medium bed applications ( 3 mm to 6 mm ).


Colour/ Binder : Grey / Portland Cement.
Filler : Graded silica sand / Limestone.
Additives : Water soluble polymeric additives for improved open time.
Workability and bonding strength.
Tensile Adhesion: > 1.00 N/mm2.
Aggregate Size : 1 mm max.
Coverage : Approximately 3 kg/ m2 depending on substrate and backface of tile applied.
Pot Life : 3 hours.
Open Time : 20 minutes.
Mixing Ratio : 26% water on dry material.
Packing : 25 kg.


The substrate should be sound and free from grease, paint and other contaminants. Mix CMI TILEGRIP 185 into approximately 6.5 liters of clean water until a slump free consistency is attained. Allow mixture to stand for 10 minutes before mixing again. Spread mixture with a notched — trowel onto substrates or by buttering backface of tile. For heavier tiles or tiles with high grooves or ridges, combination of both is recommended. Do not spread adhesive more than 1 m.sq. at a time and ensure that tiles should be fixed immediately or within 10 minutes. The tiles should be firmly pressed onto sub-base and immediately knocked into position. In case of long delay, remove the existing adhesive and comb out a fresh layer. Ensure that backface of the tile is in good contact with the adhesive for best results.

Important : Tiles must not be soaked in water.


Storage life is approximately 6 months if stored in a cool and dry place.

Note : Because it is not possible to give specific instruction for the various site conditions or to control the applications, the information here is for general guidance only and does not constitute an offer of warranty by the manufacturer.

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